Parent Feedback

At the Little Tug Boat, we think of ourselves as an extension to your family. That’s why it is always so wonderful to receive lovely feedback from parents.

The best nursery! I am extremely happy with it. Staff are very kind, gentle and caring with children. This is a safe, warm and friendly environment. Activities are great fun for them.
My older children stayed there from 2 to big school, he loved it and he was absolutely ready for big school! And my 

2 years old is having the best time there as well. I would never have put him in another place!

(Tug Boat mummy July 2021)

Our daughter has been at the Little Tug Boat for a year and has absolutely flourished. It is such a special, caring nursery with the most incredible staff. We feel very fortunate to have secured a place and cannot recommend The Little Tug Boat Day Nursery enough

(Tug Boat mummy July 2021)

Silver lining of Covid – we were lucky to get a spot for my daughter in this lovely nursery for the final year before school. Very pleased and would highly recommend to anyone for the below reasons:
– Privately-owned with family feeling
– Caring, positive and lovely teachers and management
– Learning presented in an interesting and appealing manner for the kids, amazed how much she learned and repeated back to us
– Delicious food with varying menu, kids get to try different cuisines. My daughter would rave about the food every day
– Structured day, kids know what to expect from the day; garden time daily.
– Preparing confident learners ready for the ‘big’ school.

(Tug Boat mummy August 2021)

We couldn’t be happier with how our child’s emotional wellbeing and development is supported. For us, this is the most important aspect of nursery. She has been at the Little Tug Boat Nursery full time since 11 months old, and we need to be comfortable that has the emotional support that she needs. The team are just brilliant at this, without exception. This is visible across everything they do from enthusiastic welcomes in the morning on arrival to enthusiastically acknowledging and supporting her achievements and delivering cuddles when needed
(Tug Boat mummy, December 2018)

The Little Tug Boat team is truly exceptional and that really does drive the whole ethos of the nursery. I still frankly don’t understand how the Team can do so many fantastic activities with the children in a week, including the nursery wide activity (park, music, sports, yoga etc), topic, current events, whilst still covering specific learning activities and fitting these in around meals, snacks, free play! It is just brilliant. The team are so enthusiastic, high energy and visibly caring and committed to the children. Tug Boat is a very special place and we feel extremely lucky that our child has a place there. Huge thanks to all the team!
(Tug Boat mummy, December 2018)

Hats off to the chef! How you manage to get my daughter to eat all that wonderful food is a mystery to me!! Thank you so much!
(Tug Boat mummy, December 2018)

“Best nursery in Fulham and the best I could wish for my son”
(Tug Boat Mummy, May 2018)

“In the seven months he has been at The Little Tug Boat, we have seen our son grow and flourish. We are constantly impressed by the variety of purposeful activities that the children engage in, by the level of attention and care given to feeding and nutrition and most of all by the balance of a nurturing and stimulating environment that the Little Tug Boat team manages to create.” (Tug Boat Mummy, May 2018)

“Our daughter absolutely loves it here. The beauty of this nursery is that it’s flexible and works around your family. Because it’s smaller than some other nurseries, it feels more personal, like one big happy family. I never worry about my daughter and am always amazed by what she learns and how happy she is there. She is flourishing under their care. Couldn’t recommend it enough”
(Tug Boat Mummy, May 2018)

“The Little Tug Boat is a really exceptional nursery – above everything, there is always a loving, fun atmosphere. It is a small nursery and the children know all the staff well and that gives a feeling of family”
(Tug Boat Mummy, February 2017)

“The Little Tug Boat is fantastic. We used another nursery locally for our first child but it was disorganised and food cooked offsite. The chef at Tug Boat has an amazing kitchen, the food is a really important for me, menus are super and published every Friday for the following week”
(Tug Boat Mummy, January 2017)

“A small and very caring nursery. A home away from home. My son has blossomed during his time at Tug Boat. The staff are professional, compassionate and make you feel so welcome. All staff members go out of their way to chat with him, making him feel very secure and loved. The children’s thoughts and ideas are valued giving them a sense of ownership over their learning.”
(Tug Boat Mummy, May 2016)

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