Meals At Chartam House

Food is so important at Chartam House Nursery after all, the children need plenty of energy for their busy days. Our full-time Chartam House Chef cooks delicious and nutritious homemade meals from scratch. Our varied menu includes dishes from around the world and plant-based meals, all developed to tantalize children’s little tastebuds.

Our Chartam House chef carefully chooses high quality and locally sourced ingredients for every meal; our meat is Organic and Free-Range, dairy is Organic with our milk delivered daily by the milkman and fruit and vegetables are plentiful. We are a nut free nursery and are able to support children with specific dietary requirements.

Our Promise


  • Balanced menu full of wholegrains, high quality proteins, healthy fats and lots of fruit & veg
  • Made from scratch, and with love by the Chartam House chef
  • High quality and locally sourced ingredients: Organic and Free-Range meat, Organic Dairy with milk delivered daily by the milkman
  • Active reduction in products and ingredients containing anything artificial & no excess sugar or salt
  • Developed to engage the children through fun & creativity


  • Cereal and Wholemeal Toast
  • Organic Yoghurt and Fresh Fruit
  • Oat cakes with Cream Cheese and Pear
  • Salmon and Broccoli Pasta Bake

  • Sweetcorn

  • Fresh Fruit

  • Mixed Bean Curry with Vegetable Rice and Cherry Tomatoes (v)

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